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For some couples, the internal models of what it means to be married can ‘click’ and they find themselves unconsciously emulating unhealthy relationships they witnessed in their childhood.  For some people, this becomes more pronounced once they are married. Our counseling center is dedicated to helping couples effectively communicate and sort through their issues to grow and progress in their relationship.

Marriage  and Family Counseling
Child Counselling

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Children’s bodies are suddenly changing, hormones are ‘raging’, social expectations are at an all-time high and society is marketing to and placing a great deal of pressure on the adolescent. It is common for parents become worried about how to protect their child (both from him/herself and from others), Even when things go well, this is a very challenging time, particularly in our society. Counseling for teens can help.

 Sometimes everyday circumstances pose a challenge, other times more difficult situations arise that overwhelm the child in her/his ability to cope.

Whether you as the parent notice some concerning behavior, or the school has voiced a concern, we feel it is useful to intervene early with children. The sooner one helps the child ‘get back on track’ the quicker the child can return to their regular developmental process.

Counseling For Teens
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk and Silence Your Inner Critic

By: Emily Roberts


Often we can be our own worst critics. Learn to silence that inner critic and become more self confident.

Decisions, Decisions: Not So Easy When You’re Depressed

By: Therese Borchard


Even simple questions like paper or plastic, for here or to go, cash or credit can be overwhelming when you're in the midsts of a depresive episode.

How Being Raised By A Single Mom Taught Me That I Could Do Anything

By: Kelly Bishop

​​You may be a single mom but that doesn't mean you are alone raising your children and it certainly doesn't have to be an excuse. 

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how small is ever wasted.

- Aesop



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